Recent conversations I have been having with clients and others are focused on the topic of the upcoming trends of work from home (WFH) plus return to work (RTW.) I believe this will continue to be a frequent topic for business leaders for the rest of this year and likely into 2022 & beyond.

The word ‘hybrid’ is going to be a fast developing repetition among many business audiences….plus other organizations.

Here are some recent headlines dealing with this topic:


Google Wants Workers To Return To The Office Ahead Of Schedule: This Looks Like A Blow To The Remote-Work Trend


Google CEO delays office return to next September, but axes idea of permanent remote work

    Seattle Times

Amazon expects a return to offices by fall; some workers are miffed while nearby businesses are ecstatic

        Business Insider 

……Microsoft, are reportedly adopting a hybrid model where employees report to the office only a few days per week.

We are dealing with the continuum of quality vs quantity (or productivity.) It likely will not be either the far left or the far right on this scale…..but probably somewhere in the middle.

Various articles claiming productivity has increased with more WFH but the trade-off has become loss of collaboration, less innovation, difficult to build teamwork, culture, etc.

I have recently come across some interesting information which may be helpful as you pursue your own approach to work within the company. The first one shows some interesting survey questions for employee feedback. The second one shows some recent results from a PWC survey and possible conclusions.

Return to work survey for employees (questionnaire):

PWC Return To Work Survey Results

Hope these are helpful…….. Steve Brody