I recently came across a blog article about Leadership and the power of a Promise.
This writer noticed a statement on the side of a coffee mug while in Starbucks.  It said:

  Our Barista Promise

 Love your beverage or let us know…..we’ll always make it right.

Nice statement…..huh.  Could this apply directly to Leadership in your organization?

 What is your leadership promise? What is it your people can expect from you or count on you to do no matter what?

Here are some possibilities I think would be good starting points:
I will always listen to your viewpoint with an open mind.
I will strive to be equitable and ethical in all of my decisions.
I will never belittle or demean you.
I will not hold you back from other job, promotion, or growth opportunities.
I will be trustworthy.
I will be honest.
I will care about you as a person, beyond just an employee showing up to do a job.
 I will give you the direction and support you need to do good work.
 I will make time to talk with you on a regular basis.
When developing your leadership promise, consider the following:
What are your non-negotiables as a leader? What values, responsibilities, or priorities will you never compromise?
In what realms of your leadership are you willing to have people call you out if you don’t deliver?
What is your comfort level in setting public expectations that you’ll need to live up to?
 What are your core values and how do those influence the way you show up as a leader?
  What your leadership promise says is less important than actually identifying it, and once you know what it is, there is only one thing that remains—deliver on it.
The above are valuable points to consider……how would it apply to you and your organization?  
        from  Randy Conley…..Jul 2015  
  Hope you find this helpful……..  Steve Brody