The first challenge and battle that you have, as a marketer, is the battle of the mind. In the mind of your customer or prospect…..that is. You see, it is critical for you to be remembered and remembered for what you stand for.

This is not so easy, given all the messages and interruptions that bombard your prospect. From tv to radio to newspaper to billboards and now messages to you from email….tweets….facebook….YouTube and many more. So, the question for each of you is….how do you break through the clutter and in a way that is memorable to your audience?

i.e. what is the best “positioning” for your product or service? Plus, do you create that or is it already in the mind of your audience? Your first task is to figure out precisely how and in what context, does the prospect think or remember your product or service. Ask them….they will tell you. Conduct some quick and easy surveys and market research.

Tips include: keep your concepts short, to the point. One or two words, if possible. Use graphics to reinforce the message. Narrow your focus….don’t try to be all things to all people. Choose black or white…..don’t be grey (you won’t be remembered.)

There is a concept referred to as “stickiness.” Certain words or phrases just seem to stick. When I talk to audiences, I often ask folks to complete the following phrase:

Winstons taste good, ____________________

(the answer… a cigarette should.)

Interesting that this phrase has not been used by Winston, in advertising, since 1955. And yet, most people in my audiences can correctly complete the phrase. It has stickiness.

What word or phrase would people relate about your product or service? Either real or perceived, the concept must generate recall and also generate some positive meaning. Not easy to create….but well worth the effort.