Peter Drucker famously wrote about….what is the work of the CEO?  Do we really understand this role?
He thought actually…we do not.

Most Executives think they are the Coaches & utility infielders who are called in to solve problems as needed.  In reality…the CEO is the Link between the Inside (the Organization) and the Outside (society, economy, technology, markets, customers.)   Inside is the focus on costs…..Outside is where results are found.

He indicated there are 4 fundamental tasks of the CEO:

  1.  Defining the meaningful outside

  2.  Answering over & over again….what business are we really in & what business are we not in?

  3.  Balancing the yield in the present with investment for the future

  4.  Shaping the values & standards of the Organization  

These are simple in context and definition but much harder to actually implement.  In fact, they are critical to implement properly to lead an Organization.

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Hope you enjoy……   Steve Brody