If you are the CEO, leader of the firm, have you ever said it’s just easier to do it myself?  

Why is this concept running through your mind?

Would it not be better to just hand this important project off to one of your team members? 

But would you trust it would be done the right way? The same way that you would do it?

In other words, how comfortable would you be in delegating this task or project?

Do you have the right people on your team, to do this just the way you would expect?

And if not, what is leadership all about? Have you chosen & developed the right people?

Just maybe, the concept or task of delegation is just a symptom of a greater problem.

That problem being,  have you developed & chosen the right team? 

And isn’t this the real essence of what leadership is all about? 

               You have to let go, at some point, if you are the leader.

               Otherwise you will become the bottleneck in your firm.

               Will every detail & decision need to come back to you for approval? 

               So is it all about trust?

               Or is it about your ego?

               This is just ONE of the difficulties of being a good leader. 

Some years ago I had a CEO client who was struggling with this scenario. 

His frustration was having to deal with the ongoing string of questions posed by his team.

So he decided to place an interesting sign behind his desk.  It said: 

                              Don’t bring me questions….bring me answers!!

The next time a team member came back to him with questions……he just turned & pointed to the sign.

He noticed an amazing change in attitude. The team started to take more accountability. 

Maybe there just really was something important about the concept of delegation. 

Life & leadership started to become more comfortable within the firm.  

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