What about a totally different way of thinking about a competitive environment?

Some years ago, I helped a CEO Coaching client change the whole approach to a sale of a portion of his firm.

This is #6 on my top 40 list of growth & mktg concepts. Know your competitors strengths & weaknesses.

The firm had hired a business broker to help sell a portion of his company. The evaluation process led to an expectation of X$.

After reviewing the competitive landscape with my client….I did not agree with the outside business broker.

What was the result? My client listened to my perspective and ended up selling the firm for almost 5X the price suggested by the broker!!

How was this possible?

* the market had a limited number of manufacturing locations

* once you removed my client….the production sources dropped to only 2

* the nature of competition would now change

* the influence on the retailer could now change

Do you now see how this scenario would change the environment from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market?

That 5X higher price was worth about $70 M to my client.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this?
Would you hold firm on the higher mindset?

Could you ever have such a strong mindset?

This actually happened. It is a true story.

Contact me at this website or my email at Stevenbtx@gmail.com to understand more to see if this could happen for you.