Are they actually the leader in the marketplace?

Were they the first one to enter or create this market?

You probably can guess where this is going.

I am betting that most of you answered that the first smartphone you thought of…..iPhone

They are not the leader in the market……it is actually Samsung who holds the highest share of market.

Apple was not the first one to enter or create this market. Yet, they likely command the most attention and the most publicity.

So why is this true? I would submit they do the best marketing.

Plus they command the ‘hip image’ especially with a younger demographic.

So is it your strategy to be first? To be better than others? Command most attention?

Apple was late to the game but took over the mindset, I believe.

Expert marketing would say you need to create a niche!! Be different & unique from the rest!! Not easy but probably the most profitable approach.

How could this apply to your product or your services? What niche to own?

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