Have you ever had a desire or thought to publish a book?

Maybe to tell the origin story of your firm. Or even your life.

But you might have thought this would take years or be too difficult to do!

How about, if I could show you how to achieve this in 90 days?

Impossible, you are thinking. Sounds too good to be true.

Well, I published my first book, in that time period!

Most of the Key steps are shown below. Using resources via the internet.

  1. Use a Mind Map to show the Ch. titles, concepts to focus on
  2. Have someone interview you to describe elements of what occurred for each chapter or concepts. Record as an audio file.
  3. Now go to www.fiverr.com You want to transcribe the audio file. Select someone who has done this before.
  4. Next go to www.upwork.com to select an editor. You want to select someone who has edited a business book before.
  5. Now go back to www.fiverr.com, choose a graphic artist for covers
  6. Go to Kindle Publishing (Amazon) to create the final copy, rights This is where the ISDN code will be generated for publishing.
  7. Congratulations, you have just published your first book for the world to see. This can be used to attract interested employees, or customers or friends.

It is pretty straight forward. You can use an advisor or consultant to create it.

Alternatives to help you create this masterpiece include:

  • Use an advisor or consultant as mentioned above.
  • Hire a publishing firm i.e. Henry DeVries at Indiebooksintl.com

If this approach might be valuable to you, reach out to me. We can explore how it could apply

Contact me at: stevenbtx@gmail.com or https://LinkedIn.com/in/stevebrody