We often talk about the need to change.  In our firms….in our teams…in ourselves….in our families.  But why does it continue to be so hard?

A recent article puts focus on one of the most successful change programs and maybe these lessons should be modeled in our firms.   Here are some of the key items as used by the 12 step programs:

 –  Replace old habits with new habits

–  Peer support & pressure help make a difference

–  Using a sponsor helps generate commitment

–  Create communities without hierarchy

–  Pay attention to the company you keep

–  Practice continual introspection

–  Changes in practice may represent a breakthrough

–  Focus on small wins

–  The Goal is progress not perfection

These are from a Harvard Business Review article called  “Managing Change One Day at a Time.”

You can read more  here 

Hope you enjoy it.

      Steve Brody

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