The Advantage…..Do you have one?

I just finished Patrick Lencioni’s newest book called     The Advantage
It is a straightforward and interesting read about one critical element……The Healthy Organization!!

He makes a persuasive case that achieving this Health  (or culture, if you will)  can create a meaningful and economic advantage for your firm or organization.  It sounds simple, but is much harder and time consuming to achieve.  But after all…..he maintains….is this not the primary role of leadership?  That is you, the CEO.

The 4 critical elements include:

  1.  Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

  2.  Communicating Clarity

  3.  Overcomunicate Clarity

  4.  Reinforce Clarity

There are some very specific suggestions and elements outlined in the book that can be followed. 
This incorporates some of the key insights from prior books (The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team)  and (Death by Meetings.)   Some of which may seem counter intuitive….like have more meetings not fewer.  But more effective meetings around driving to clarity.  A major insight is to separate tactical meetings and discussions from strategic meetings.  This will actually drive more productivity. 

I suggest you review the concepts covered in The Advantage……it just might help you create one!!