How would you describe the status or trend of your business? Is it stable? Might it be declining? Or is it growing? And does this really matter? Well, let’s think about your employees and either trying to attract new people or retain your best people. Do they desire stability? While on the face of it, many owners or CEOs might state that stability is good. People would have a sense of confidence. In fact, in study after study it is found that your best people want to have some sense of the future and they desire a challenge for themself to continue to learn… grow… make a contribution to your firm. Growth most of the time is stimulating. It can also be anxiety producing…..why? Because it involves change. And as written about in the best selling book “Who Moved My Cheese” change is difficult for most people. So we have the classic leadership dilemma here……people want and react positively to growth (both business and personal) but they are concerned about and afraid of change. And we know that it is not possible to have Growth without Change!!! So one of your key goals as a leader is to somehow get your people MORE comfortable with CHANGE. How do you do this? This will be the subject of some continuing dialogue and suggestions here.