Our Services

Our Services

CEO & Executive Coaching

As a private business owner or executive, who do you trust? Who has your back? Who can you talk to in complete confidence to share your dreams, goals, and…yes….even your anxieties? An executive coach has been where you are, listens to you, and has no personal agenda other than your best interest. The relationship is all about accountability. As your personal and professional coach, Steve Brody is your private sounding board. He will question your answers, not answer your questions! Steve provides individual coaching sessions for CEOs and will be completely candid. He will expose hard truths about you and your company you need to hear to take your company to the next level. Clients report increasing their productivity while using less time and their businesses become more dynamic as a result of Steve’s coaching acumen. Steve also offers coaching for individual key executives designed to increase their performance and effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

There are several barriers to rapid growth.  A One Page Strategic Plan helps to focus on strengths & weakness of your firm.

Prioritizing the most important goals can help determine which part of the plan is MOST vital to move forward.

Rockefeller Habits

Increasing the value of fast growth companies requires a road map. Brody & Associates can help you plan by utilizing the Rockefeller Habits, identifying the most common barriers, and developing your workforce.

Exit Planning

When it comes to exit strategies, Brody & Associates utilizes a model to help you plan for the plan. Beginning with determining your options, choosing an advisor team, navigating the road blocks, identifying the value drivers, and life after exit.

Custom Business Development & Growth Projects

Brody & Associates will help you focus on your best expansion & growth opportunities. A custom approach will be employed to fit your size and budget requirements. However, each project uses the core disciplines & customer research needed to increase your probabilities of success.

Keynote Speaker

Steve Brody is available to speak to your group (typical size ranges from 10-200 people) on the subject of Business Growth. The title of the presentation is “The Secret to Growing your Business or What Business are You Really In?” Formats range from keynote speeches of 30-60 minutes to Executive Workshops lasting about 3 hours.