Do I have your attention? I had the priviledge of having a very thought provoking and insightful speaker on leadership to my CEO, Executive Groups. He made the above statement….what do you think?

If it can’t be taught, learned, or imitated……then what? It must be DEVELOPED.

Not just semantics here….meaning that you, as the CEO must develop your own leadership agenda. Put it to writing and create an Intentional Culture. Develop your style of leadership….you can not copy mine. Figure out who and what you are and what type of leadership culture do you want.

If you are the Quarterback of the team…the leader…you must run the plays. I can coach or guide you and put you through exercises but YOU have to develop the play. You have to execute and create your style of leadership.

You can read more about this at: by Balaji Krishnamurthy, PhD.

Challenge yourself, it could pay big dividends.