Warren, that is. Billionaire investor and famed CEO Warren Buffet recently released his annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter. It is always an interesting read and this year is no exception.

There are some interesting insights for Leaders of any size firm. Consider:

* Plain, Straightforward, open communication style
There’s no question of his views and opinions, in easy, simple language. Look at yours, how would you compare?

* No Micro-Managing here
He trusts his CEOs. No required lengthy monthly operations meetings. No required conversations. They send in their monthly financials….if they need him they contact. He talks to some daily, others maybe once in 12 mos. How would you compare?

* A Simple, Formal Succession Plan
He does require his CEOs to send him a specific letter with the name of a successor if they ever become incapacitated. List why they chose this person along with strengths and weaknesses. Do it every 2 years….that’s it. How would you compare?

You don’t have to be the oracle of Omaha to practice these same leadership lessons.

Read a highlight summary at: http://bit.ly/eNIFIA

Read the full letter at: http://bit.ly/enNDzn