It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  But we are often judged by others on the basis of very little real information about who we really are.  (Truth be told, we do the same to others. )  

Sadly, life is a first impression businessbut we can influence how others judge us. Harvard Business School professor Dr. Amy Cuddy has been studying  first impressions for over 15 years and her data suggests that when people meet us, they quickly draw two conclusions that will impact our future relationships with them.  This brief article from Business Insider shares what they are and her book, “Presence”  offers a more detailed guide to succeeding in life’s first impression business.  These videos by Dr. Cuddy are also worth watching before that next important meeting.

She puts a focus on two important questions:

   Can I trust this person? 

   Can I respect this person?   

These areas deal with  warmth & competence respectively.  

Dr Cuddy generates an interesting theme:  

  It is not…..fake it till you make it

But rather…… Fake it till you become it!!

Worth your time to look into the above. 

      Steve Brody

      Brody & Associates