“I don’t want to tell you what to do or what not to do. I don’t want to be your mother either. I’m not your teacher, your best friend or your guru. I care deeply about you. I care enough that I expect you to realize your potential and experience a sense of real accomplishment in all you achieve. I want your days to be purposeful and as such, fulfilling. I want you to want to work hard for what matters most. I want you to experience more life.”

The above is an interesting statement from a business associate, leader, and Executive Coach I know .   This statement is fundamentally about being your leader…. not your traffic cop or school teacher.   From Phil Liebman at ALPS Leadership.  

Have you ever felt some of these same thoughts regarding your Executive Team?  Does it feel good or would you rather be spending your time doing more important things?   This is a basic concept in leadership…..having your team be responsible and doing the right things without you having to micromanage the firm.  

Leadership can be learned….definitely,  but not without a lot of work,  desire to excel,  challenge to yourself,  and deliberate practice on a regular basis.   Not rocket science but hard stuff…. according to well known author James Kouzes  in a recent book called Learning Leadership.  

Kouzes claims you need to understand five  fundamentals

  1.  Believe that you can
  2.  Desire to excel
  3.  Challenge Yourself
  4.  Engage support
  5.  Practice deliberately

He includes numerous pragmatic tips for any  leader to ponder and then develop as practice.  Suggest that you review his material.

Hope you find it valuable

    Steve Brody