The above is my first Cardinal Rule of Marketing. If you are not failing, it means that you’re not trying many new things. And if you’re not trying a lot of new things it’s hard to generate a new product or service success.

I have found that the best marketing lessons are empirical. They are not often predicted or pre-planned. The key then becomes to figure ways to observe the behavior of our customers and not predict what they might do.

So how can this be done? At a reasonable cost? Start small….in a specific geography….or with one or two customers who are willing to work with you. Introduce your new product or service with that customer and follow up to observe the results. What’s working….not working…..what needs to be changed?
Now take your learnings….revise the offering….and roll out on a broader basis.

Work this process, to get your organization comfortable with innovation. Test….observe….change…..retest……expand. It just may lead to success.
So happy failures……just do them quick and often!!