Entering Leadership? How must your perspective change?

I recently viewed a video from legendary GE CEO Jack Welch. It was actually from his last management meeting upon retiring from GE. He was offering some valuable insights for his leadership team as they approach the future.

One powerful section talked about entering “leadership.” How must your perspective change? Think about your own career. On the way up, you are totally focused on yourself and achieving certain performance goals or standards. Then you are promoted into a position of management and now leading a group of people. So what is different?

You must change your focus from you!! You no longer can do everything. Your focus needs to be about them, now!! Your team, the development of your people…..accomplishing things through others. In sports terms….you are moving from the star player to the Coach. Your role is very different.

If you want to hear Welch’s comments go to YouTube and search “Jack Welch final meeting” or click here http://bit.ly/eArcHW

There’s also an interesting interview of the CEO of TheLadders.com that deals with similar insights as he was moving up the leadership curve.

click here to read it http://nyti.ms/h09xQe

He talks about the focus on how to build your team and the importance of sharing the passion, the vision and direction of the firm…..spending more time on communicating the direction than telling everyone else the details of how they should be doing their jobs. Good advice.

So how are you spending your time? If you are the leader, what is your focus and direction with your firm? What should it be?