Don’t try to predict behavior….observe your audience

Why would we say this? Why not rely on your loyal employees to give you innovative ideas and suggestions. It certainly could be a good place to start….problem is that the longer they have been with your firm, the less objective they are. They have a tendency to take an inside view and believe that they know the customers …. right…. they can predict the desired future demands.

The great marketers know that better and more innovative ideas come directly from your audience….your prospects and your customers. You might be surprised and just have that light bulb go off with new product or service suggestions for your firm.

So how might you do this? Send a survey to your audience to find out their needs. Zoomerang is a good tool to use….driven by your email marketing lists. Include a post card in your next delivery of product to your customer….ask for their ideas. Find a good reason to have a phone conversation with some of your accounts…..see how they are doing….while you are on the line, ask them a few questions about future needs. Send out a message on Twitter….put out a question on Facebook or LinkedIn…see how your contacts might react. Better yet invite an account to lunch or breakfast and find out how you could serve them better. What else could you provide?

Try it….you just might like it and surprise yourself with some great new ideas to grow your business.