I recently attended a conference of my peers…..Executive Coaches from around the U.S. and around the World.  A fascinating Keynote presentation dealt with the power and inspiration of creating & stating your dreams.  Here is a description by the Vistage CEO.  See if this just might create some opportunities within your organization.

Daydreaming isn’t something that is normally encouraged in the workplace. But it can be powerful and frankly, a lot of fun, as I discovered last week at our International Chair Development Workshop in New Orleans. Nearly 500 Vistage Chairs from 11 countries gathered there to exchange new ideas, discuss tried-and-true techniques, and make meaningful connections. Daring to DreamIt was a transformational experience made possible by our outstanding community of Chairs, dedicated staff, rich history, and an unwavering belief in the way our work impacts the lives of so many.
To kick off the event, Candy Chang, an artist and New Orleans local showed us the untapped energy of simply writing out our dreams. Her projects powerfully demonstrate how we can use that energy to widen and deepen our own community involvement and communication.
Her life lessons are provoking and for me, inspiring:
1. Small interventions can lead to better and bigger ones. By honing your ideas through collaboration and inclusion, you gain freedom to develop better ideas. Which for me is the very kernel of what makes Vistage groups so powerful.
2.  What you might consider a weakness can become your strength. By being sensitive to your shortcomings and the moments where you feel out of place, you are taking the time to understand them and you might be able to change them.

3.  The world becomes more rewarding when you let yourself look beyond what you’re searching for.
Candy’s message was the perfect metaphor for this Vistage gathering. We created “Dare to Dream” boards that became the anchor to many of the conversations at the workshop – we had them outside elevators, in the back of rooms, by the coffee stations!  This experience connected us in a way we never imaged possible.  More importantly, we saw that we are not alone as we try to make sense of life and aspirations.
The workshop may be over now, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming. I encourage you to put up a dream board and watch ideas develop.  Just imagine what you might accomplish…
   by Leon Shapiro,  CEO  Vistage Intl  
          Feb 2015