Can it be true?  Captain Kirk (William Shatner) is 80!  
Tomes have been written about StarTrek.  I just came across a recent Forbes article that looks at the leadership style of the legendary Captain James T. Kirk and distills five key lessons on leadership from this iconic TV series.  

StarTrek’s (and therefore Captain Kirk’s) creator, Gene Roddenberry, had a distinguished military career in World War II as a bomber pilot. He was no stranger to combat and understood well the nature of leadership and command which he brought to the series.

Here’s the five lessons on leadership from Captain Kirk…and you can learn more about each  by reading more here. 

Lesson 1: Never Stop Learning
Lesson 2: Have advisors with different world views (join a Vistage group,ok?)
Lesson 3: Be Part of the “Away” Team
Lesson 4:  Play Poker, Not Chess
Lesson 5:  Blow Up the Enterprise!