Let me tell you a story.  

 Some years ago I took over as President of a small regional bottled water firm. The share of market was less than 15% vs a well entrenched competitor with a share of about 70%. 
The firm and Brand was Utopia Spring Water.

 It was located in the small hill country town of Utopia, Tx and the source of the water was naturally flowing springs located there. 
Let me ask you, what does the word utopia mean to you?

  Good things right? Perfect or ideal or a wonderful place, were concepts that come to mind. 
The owner of my ad agency came to me and said:  I have an idea about how to ‘position’ this brand.     OK, what’s your idea? 
He said, I want the TV ad to show the great debate in Utopia. 

I played along & asked what is the great debate? 
He said:  the great debate in Utopia, Tx,  was the town named after the water, or the water named after the town? 
Now mind you, he was making this up. 

We produced that commercial. Without showing you the ad or explaining the copy, do you get the point?    Or the message? 
It was an incredibly powerful concept. Delivering a great & memorable message. 
The result, in less than 14 mos we doubled the size of the business in 4 markets. 
I had never produced an ad before, that was this powerful, and so quickly.
The biggest impact was that the larger competitor ended up buying Utopia Spring Water from us. 

 Never expected that one!!

You see, their people could not stop talking about how much better the Utopia ad was compared to their own advertising. 

The entire acquisition of Utopia by the brand leader was a defensive marketing strategy!
So what words or concept could work for your firm?   

If this approach might be valuable to you, reach out to me.  We can explore how it could apply.   

Contact me at:  stevenbtx@gmail.com or https://Linkedin.com/in/stevebrody