Honored to receive my Vistage 20 Yr recognition crystal at the last Chair mtg.

 It has been quite a journey of continued learning, personal & professional growth, & involvement with talented CEOs & Executives. More to come……


Recently, someone shared with me an interview with the late, great, author & Professor…..Peter Drucker.  He was asked about the numerous books he had written over the years.  The question to him was  “which was his favorite.”   

In typical Drucker form, he replied “it will be the next one.”    And he was just about 90 at the time.
Certainly an example of the LIFELONG LEARNER & THINKER!!

So what is your favorite accomplishment?  or Greatest lesson?  Or greatest firm you have lead? 
And where will it go next?     Importantly…….what would your people say?  

Food for thought.     Hope it is valuable

    Steve Brody