I want to share something with you that was recently sent to me by a valued associate.  Right now, it is very hard to get out of our short term thinking…..elections coming up….the future of a Virus cure and our life and work beyond 2021.  

The short video below shows a GRAND  VISION from the CEO of Toyota.  It is not just a dream….they will actually be starting construction of this future city in 2021.  I would encourage you to share it with those close to you  (employees, friends, family, etc.)   This city would be an incredible accomplishment!!

Thinking from Toyota’s City of the Future and the Mitsubishi Research Institute. 

President Akio Toyoda touched on the Woven City plan.

Below is a link to the launch back in March. The conference link up left no doubt that Toyota is leading the mobility innovation curve.

CES 2020 Message from Akio Toyoda

Hope you find it valuable.  

    Steve Brody

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