Our Services

Business Development & Growth Projects
Brody & Associates will help you focus on your best expansion & growth opportunities. A custom approach will be employed to fit your size and budget requirements. However, each project uses the core disciplines & customer research needed to increase your probabilities of success.
Strategic Planning
Brody & Associates will facilitate your offsite planning retreat, typically 2-3 days. These fun and challenging meetings will increase your team connections to each other and push their thinking to create strategic priorities for the next 1-3 years. Out of the box thinking is stimulated.
Keynote Speaker
Steve Brody is available to speak to your group (typical size ranges from 10-200 people) on the subject of Business Growth. The title of the presentation is “The Secret to Growing your Business or What Business are You Really In?” Formats range from keynote speeches of 30-60 minutes to Executive Workshops lasting about 3 hours.
CEO & Executive Coaching
Contact Brody & Associates to determine if you qualify for membership in one of Steve’s CEO Roundtable groups. These are think tanks and peer-peer advisory groups affiliated with Vistage International; a worldwide organization of CEOs including about 23,000 members in the U.S. and 12 foreign countries. As part of the Vistage International process, CEOs receive individual coaching sessions with Steve. Plus coaching for individual Key Executives is available, designed to increase their performance and effectiveness.